Cape Lookout National Seashore

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is a 163-foot high lighthouse located on the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. It flashes every 15 seconds and is visible at least 12 miles out to sea and up to 19 miles. The Cape Lookout Light is one of the very few lighthouses that operate during the day. It became fully automated in 1950. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is the only such structure in the United States to bear the checkered daymark, intended not only for differentiation between similar light towers, but also to show direction. The center of the black diamond points in a north-south direction, while the center of the white diamond’s points east-west. Monitored by the National Park Service. Cape Lookout National Seashore Visitor Information Center is located at Beaufort Town Hall, 701 Front Street. Serviced by Island Express Ferry Service.

Drive Time
6 min.
To Ferry Departure
2.1 miles
Cape Lookout Lighthouse in Beaufort NC

Locals Recommend

“A boat ride three miles off-shore brings you to the barrier islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore. Horse watching, shelling, fishing, birding, camping, and lighthouse climbing – there’s something for everyone at Cape Lookout.”

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