Saving Natures Treasures

The vision for Coins For Conservation (C4C) is to inspire community businesses to select a nonprofit eco-partner and create a funding plan to support their eco-partner’s mission with an annual pledge. This will provide a steady funding stream for the environmental nonprofits and allow everyone to take a stand in protecting what we all enjoy.

C4C promises to heighten awareness and enhance Beaufort’s standing as a Green Travel Destination. Together they ’ll let folks know that, here on the coast, conservation matters! After all, conserving and protecting our natural habitats, wildlife and food resources is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

“Beaufort and Carteret County are shaped by water – it is vitally important that we do what we can to maintain this ecosystem. The Beaufort Hotel is pleased to be a part of Coins for Conservation and hope you all are as well”

— Peter Grills, General Manager

an aerial view of an island in the middle of the ocean

If you visit Rachel Carson Reserve, you’ll look for dolphins, turtles, and wild horses during your transit along the shores and tidal creeks of the Reserve, in addition to ospreys and shorebirds that feed and gather in this pristine ecosystem. The Reserve is located along the Atlantic Flyway and provides a resting and refueling point for numerous migratory birds. You’ll have ample opportunities to capture nature with your camera or collect seashells cast ashore with the tides. You’ll also observe the various research projects being conducted in the Reserve.

Photo Courtesy of N.C. Coastal Reserve.

a group of people holding a large check in front of a brick wall

Rachel Carson Reserve received a donation of $17,669 from the Beaufort Hotel courtesy of a unique conservation project. The funding is a result of a voluntary program called Coins For Conservation that allows hotel guests to donate to the Friends of the Reserve.

Here’s How You Can Participate

  • The Beaufort Hotel has selected the Friends of the Reserve as our eco-partner.
  • We will participate in the Coins For Conservation project to help protect the barrier island as well as the over 25 wild horses and other various wildlife that inhabit it.
  • A $3.00 fee will be added to your guest folio at check-out. You will have the opportunity to opt out.
  • 100% of your donation will go to the Friends of the Reserve for projects they have outlined.
  • If you would like to make an additional donation, please stop by the front desk.

About Coins For Conservation

Coins For Conservation (C4C) is not a nonprofit, but rather serves as an online resource to connect businesses that benefit from tourism, directly with the community nonprofits that work so hard to preserve and protect the things visitors come here to enjoy.

C4C was founded by Jay Tervo and Barbara McKenzie-Trevo of the Inlet Inn in Beaufort.

Friends of the Rachel Carson Reserve

The mission of the Friends of the Reserve (FOR) is to support the work of the NC Coastal Reserve and the National Estuarine Research Reserve programs, promote public awareness of the Reserve and its work, to receive money and distribute it as requested by the Coastal Reserve for the foregoing purposes, to solicit grants and contributions; and to support or perform any other activity incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes. FOR advocates on behalf of the Reserve to ensure sufficient funding for the maintenance and programs of the Reserve.

Rachel Carson Reserve is comprised of Carrot Island, Town Marsh, Bird Shoal, Horse Island, and Middle Marshes.

Our Partnership with Rachel Carson Reserve

In November 2023, our management company Concord Hospitality will celebrate their 15th annual Share Day with 139 hotels donating roughly 6,000 volunteer hours to help communities across the country.

The Beaufort Hotel is no exception. Once again, our associates will depart the town docks by boat this November for another Share Day supporting Rachel Carson Reserve. We will spend the day clearing brush on the walking trails of the reserve.

a group of people riding on the boat

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