Crystal Coast Skydiving

Experience the Crystal Coast like you’ve never dreamed possible before!

A tandem jump with Crystal Coast Skydiving will feed the adrenaline junkie or if skydiving is on your bucket list you can put a check by that box. They welcome every jumper, regardless of skill and experience, as well as their families to come spend the day with them and become a member of the sky-family.

Following a twenty-minute ride to altitude, you will exit the plane 9,000 feet above the beautiful Crystal Coast and enjoy 30 to 35 seconds of free fall followed by 3 to 5 minutes of canopy flight before returning t the ground to the resounding cheers of your friends and family.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Crystal Coast! While climbing to jump altitude, you may even get to see dolphins playing, schools of fish, sharks, and wild horse on Shackleford Banks!

Your skydiving adventure consists of two parts: free fall and canopy. Flying under canopy is an adventure of its own and equally as fun as free fall. You can take it slow and hang out, stay up, and enjoy the view… or you can turn it up and do some big spirals and carving turns to descend much quicker. It’s entirely up to you!

It’s an adrenaline rush like never before.

Images provided by Crystal Coast Skydiving.

Drive Time
10 min.
Distance from Hotel
3.5 miles
pair skydiving over city with parachute string deployed

Locals Recommend

“Crystal Coast Skydiving has excellent experienced license instructors who make sure you have a great time while thinking about safety first. The pilot is amazing and is always on top of things. If you haven’t seen the Crystal Coast from the sky, this is the place to come to and check it out!”

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